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MC Jin拍片回應Lil Pump辱華歌詞[字幕]

backup from MC Jin's Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BrmXJY1BlwP

近日拉美裔Rapper Lil Pump 的Butterfly Doors內的歌詞涉嫌辱華,不同的Rappers都有對此事作了回應,最為港人認識的MC Jin(歐陽靖)亦有拍片上載到ig。

小弟不精於英語,但又希望了解該影片的完整內容,有網友可以留言把我填錯的字幕糾正嗎? 我會把字幕在下面更新。

What up. 2019. We gonna do better. Ya. Come up. Without putting others down. On that note.

Pump shut up nah this ain't a diss song

We ain't going back and forth like ping pong

Look who's killin' this beat, no ching chong. 1.35 billion deep, we been strong.

I see you got your fans all gassed up. I guess it …………you just a little pump.

This is more than a hunch. You probably got the same supporters as Trump.

Yellow, Black, White, Brown, any shade that comes to mind

Fact is, racism are color blind

Say your eyes low in a verse you ain't the first

I gonna say though. You was the worst. Don't think for a sec this the kill shot. Just a quick flex of the rhymes skills that I still got.

The Bruce lee of loose-leaf yea he is me

Get your bag but don't get cancalled like D&G. You'll probably tag the shaderoom call up TMZ. But I ain't here to chase clout that's what's free to me

你返屋企啦 講咗幾次 咪當唔知
(Get your sorry butt home. I told you times. Don't pretent)

I told you all to learn Chinese

更新: Lil Pump 已於2018年12月25日在ig拍片道歉。(https://www.instagram.com/p/Bry8V8IjehA/)

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