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Admob 快將推出 In-App Purchase House Ads,看來不錯呢!

Admob 將推出新的廣告模式,讓你針對願意花費的玩家投放你正在推廣的虛擬物品,
名為 In-App Purchase House Ads。
預定幾星期後便會出現在大家的AdMob 帳戶。

source: http://admob.blogspot.hk/2015/03/announcement-gdc.html

AdMob In-App Purchase House Ads are a free, new format that can completely change how you think about your in-app purchase monetization strategy. You can use this format to create a customized ad to promote items to sell to your users, then AdMob’s audience-aware platform will predict those users who are likely to buy, and show them the ad. For all your other users – the ones unlikely to spend – AdMob can show them a regular ad. This approach means you can keep your high-value users engaged in your app, and for everyone else you’re making each impression count towards monetization. Currently in beta, this feature will be coming to all AdMob accounts in the next few weeks.


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