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Samsung Fingers - Samsung 同樣在"今天"發佈了大膽並革命性的創新產品

作為一間舉足輕重的科技公司,Samsung 同樣在"今天"發佈了大膽並革命性的創新產品。
可穿戴產品絕對是近年趨勢, Samsung Fingers 就是讓大家期待的(讓大家被我代表一下...慣了吧) 最新產品。
為各位追求尖端科技的朋友,它使用了 "flexible Super Emo-LED" 達到一切盡在掌握之目的。Samsung Fingers 作為Samsung 首款穿戴式手套裝置,要讓使用者有無可比美的生活體驗,以下包括了各創新意代念技術:
  • Talk To the Hand
  • Palm-Rec
  • Voice & Snap Amp
  • S Charge
  • Gestures

以上突破性的產品都得到 CIP 所認同:

Endorsements by CIPs*:

Hans Enormous, VP of Product UX, IWGA
"IWGA, International Wearable Glove Association, has been working closely with Samsung for a while. We are not surprised by the new innovative wearable glove by Samsung at all. All of the key features of the Samsung Fingers seem to provide excellent user experience. Personally, I cannot wait to use ‘Voice and Snap Amp’ at a bar where I have a hard time getting the bartenders attention. I mean what does a man have to do get some fresh beer? This will really change the way how men and bartenders interact. I’m excited”

Mahan Knot Yohan, CEO, Thums Up LLC.
“Thums Up is delighted to be one of Samsung’s key partners in bringing the Samsung Fingers to the wearable glove market. We at Thums Up have extremely high standards for quality products, so we normally don’t give out thumbs up easily, but as a CEO of Thums Up, I would like to give the Samsung Fingers two thumbs up. We are especially excited about the Flatulence auditory reproduction function of the Samsung Fingers that Samsung and Thums Up co-developed. It is going to give to give a whole different meaning to giving a thumbs up.”

Oracle Sohn, Founder and CEO, Futuristic Fingers Inc
“Samsung Fingers gives birth to so many possibilities it’s mind-blowing. We’re working closely with Samsung to add an automated Rock-Paper-Scissors Reactor and Palm-Reader to Palm-Rec. We expect to bring this to market in the near future.”


*CIP stands for Conveniently Inexistent Person.
** All functionality, features, specifications, and other product information provided in this article including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.
*** Actually, as most of you will have noticed, this is not a real product or concept by Samsung at all – at least not yet. Happy April Fool’s!
- See more at: http://global.samsungtomorrow.com/?p=35430#sthash.P7MnjGux.dpuf



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